Terms of Service

1. General Terms

  1. All artworks will include a signature that you may not remove. Doing so will violate the license, although for a fee you can upgrade to the Commercial License, after which I will provide a signature-free version.
  2. Process of creating the artwork may be recorded, streamed and published on social media or websites under my profile. They will be labeled as a commission work and provide the name or nickname under which you operate, although you can request anonymity when filling the questionnaire.
  3. I usually respond within a few days, but depending on holiday situation, business days etc., the answer may be delayed. Please be patient. If you don't receive any answer for a week or longer, you can reach out to the moderators on my Discord server.
  4. I have the right to reject any order for any reason, although that most often applies to artworks that would break the laws or be morally wrong.

2. Payment

  1. All prices are subject to change based on demand and circumstances. Do not expect that you will be able to pay the same price as previous clients for similar work. 
  2. Payments will be always done via PayPal or Stripe. You will be charged in USD, although these systems are capable of the automatic conversion from any currency for a small fee, which should allow you to pay in any currency your account is in.
  3. During the order process I will ask you for an e-mail associated with your PayPal and send an invoice to that address. (Do not send me money spontaneously, always wait for the invoice.) Commissions should always be paid upfront.

3. Process and Delivery

  1. In most cases, I start working on a commission as soon as the invoice is paid. If there are any delays, you'll be appropriately notified.
  2. The time to finish a commission is minimum one week, although in most cases it takes around a month, due to delays with communication (I've had clients that would answer to revision after 3-4 days; don't expect speedpainting miracles if you're one of them!).
    More complex artworks will take longer, while very small ones may come even within a day, depending on how much free time I've got.
  3. My process starts from gathering additional information from you, and collecting proper reference images (including use of the ones you provide). Afterwards, the initial sketches are made.
  4. While I'm working on the artwork, I will contact you periodically to ensure everything goes alongside your idea for the given project. Those so called revisions are the key to making artwork perfect for you. Revisions will be lower resolution and will have watermark and sometimes even scribbles with notes. Those won't appear on the final artwork.
    • After creating sketch(es), I will contact you to choose the most suitable one and clarify if that is indeed what you expected. In that phase I am open for brainstorming and changes such as edits to pose and character's style.
    • Once you accept the sketch, I create more detailed sketch, which will be sent to you to confirm if all the small details are right. Here you can suggest some minor edits that affect clothing, accessories etc.
    • After that I either create the lineart and start coloring (style A) or start painting (B). I will send you some updates now and then, and you're free to critique any issues, but bigger changes will come at additional cost. 

  5. Once the artwork is finished, I will provide you with a full-resolution image via e-mail / Discord / Cloud Service (mega, google drive, onedrive etc). There is no physical product, but you're allowed to print the artwork for personal use (t-shirt, mugs, notebooks are all fine as long as you don't sell them or make any other profit from my work); although it would be nice to ask first, as well as share the picture of final product - it makes me happy to see it! If you're planning on monetizing my artwork, you'll need to purchase a Commercial License.
  6. If the communication is severed with no information from the side of the client, you'll be charged extra when you come back for your artwork. If you know you're leaving, and I won't be able to contact you - inform me prior to your disappearance and we'll put your artwork on hold until we can freely talk about the details again.
  7. If the client shows no signs of cooperation, refuses to answer questions related to the artwork and doesn't engage in revisions, additional fees may apply.

4. Copyright/Usage Policy 

  1. As an artist, I claim the rights to the artwork at every stage, including items produced using it (prints etc).  Therefore I am allowed to use the copyrighted artwork in any way, although I promise not to alter the design in a significant way after it was considered finalized.
  2. If the artwork includes your intellectual property (original character, concept art etc) the description (where available) may state so. Likewise, the intellectual property of others will have to be stated below, so make sure to let me know if your idea is original or if it is a fanart.
  3. As a buyer, you can use the commissioned artwork for personal use, unless specific license has been bought. You can upload it on social media and variety of internet profiles. You can print the artwork as long as you don't monetize it. Other uses may be agreed upon if circumstances are right.
  4. The following acts (non exhaustive) will be considered as copyright infringement:
    • Reproducing or using the copyrighted artwork commercially, unless you bought a proper license;
    • Claiming the artwork as your own;
    • Removing the signature from the artwork;
    • Modifying, retouching or altering the artwork in any way without prior consent.

5. Customer Satisfaction

  1. I will do my best to create an artwork that will satisfy your needs, although certain aspects will be always a matter of a personal style. If you're not a fan of the style I have, ask me if I can create it in a different one before placing an order. I'll do my best to fit your needs but sometimes I will have to refuse the order due to incompatibility.
  2. If there are any issues that arise during or after the revision process, be sure to inform me as fast as you notice it. If the problem is minor, it will be dealt with at no additional cost, and for the others we will think of some solution together.
  3. If you have any issues with the Terms of Service, you're free to discuss them with me. For example, if you'd prefer to stay anonymous during publishing process, I won't enclose your nickname anywhere. In some cases I can agree upon not publishing art at all (especially if the artwork holds personal or sentimental value), although it may come at an additional cost.

6. Refund / Cancellation Policy

  1. Once the invoice is paid, the buyer isn't allowed to refund, as I have started working on the commission by this point.
  2. If circumstances arise, in which I am unable to start your commission, you will receive a full refund.
  3. If we agreed upon a refund, do not request a chargeback of funds. I will pay them back at my earliest convenience.
  4. If at any point you request a chargeback, you will lose all before-mentioned rights to the commissioned artwork and I will have the right to profit from it in any way I see fit. The chargeback will be always declined: all information, as well as our conversation and your personal data may be provided to PayPal/Stripe team to prove that the order was indeed made, alongside a copy of those Terms of Service. Furthermore, you will be blacklisted from commissioning me again, as well as from artists who ask me about the opinion on you. Your account may be also locked if payment provider will consider such action a fraud.

7. The Final Product

  1. The final product will be delivered via communication channel we agreed upon. Usually I will provide you a cloud storage link, from which you'll be able to download the full package. 
  2. Artwork may be delivered in one or multiple versions, and may be bundled together with the copy of the Terms of Service or a link to my website.
  3. Sketches and WIP pictures may be included in final package.
  4. Final artwork is usually delivered in a lossless compression format such as PNG.

Final Note

  • Breaking the Terms of Service will cause buyer to lose all the before-mentioned rights to the artwork and I will have the right to profit from it in any way I see fit.

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