I've been doing paid commissions for a few years now, and currently I am working full time to deliver you personalized, unique artworks! 

In my works I put a strong emphasis on worldbuilding / lorebuilding. I like to give characters - whether human or not - realistic personality and dig into the reasons for their behaviors to portray their likeness to the best of my abilities. Due to that, I tend to ask questions about how you've envisioned your characters, what are the things they like to do and who they are on daily basis.

For many years I have been working on my personal IP , which showcases these traits in all of its works. If you're interesting in learning more about this project, feel free to check out our website.

Dos & Donts

Humans, humanoids, fantasy races,  anthropomorphic fantasy races

Couples and ships of any gender and sexuality

NSFW, both soft and hardcore, fetish artworks

Animals, fantasy creatures, monsters

Plants, trees, plant-based creatures or characters

Historical, traditional and fantasy weapons, armors and warfare tech

Semi-realism, stylized art, chibis, cartoons, emotes

Technical sci-fi, technology & mecha

Imitation of other artists' style

Romance or sexual content between real people or celebrities








You can contact me via e-mail, discord or website form. I'm usually responding fairly quick, although keep in mind I am on EU timezone. During the whole process, I will be contacting you with questions and ideas on how to proceed with creating your artwork. I may suggest some changes to ensure the final product is the best quality I can provide. For detailed information about the process, check out my Terms of Service.


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