ARCdps setup guide

by Yevvie.2590
Last Updated: 18th July 2022


Xinluang [BP], Nevaelei [ebay]

Hello! I'm Yevvie and I'm a dedicated Firebrand main for a couple of well-known fight guilds and a driver for Fabled Mythos [Fabl]. I've been working on a variety of tools and guides, introducing people to the NA fight scene and its culture. Together with my husband and friends we're leading a guild with learning as its goal, so if you enjoyed this guide and ever swing by BP, pop in to say hi!

Boon Table, maintained by knox, is an extension used as a replacement for the default area buffs window.  It uses the data gathered by Arc to display general boon upkeep, and is easy to customize, allowing for an intuitive data comparison on the go.

where to get it?

You can download Boon Table from knoxfighter / GW2-ArcDPS-Boon-Table repository on Github.


Drop d3d9_arcdps_table.dll into the %/bin64/ directory.

When you launch the game, you can bring the Boon Table up with Alt + Shift + B. It replaces the default area buffs shortcut, but can be launched from extensions tab as well.

Window options

Right Click the boon window and choose which buffs you wish to track.

You can add simple boons or skill effects - auras, trait effects and even sigil/rune relevant things like "above 90%" status. Just take your time looking through the categories and pick the things that have the most importance for you (or all of them, I'm not your mother to tell you what to do).

Personally, I opt to track maximum of 6 items per table. This way I can keep it on 270 width just like all my other windows so they nicely fit together when stacked.

My Boon Tables are set with different functionality in mind, making it easier to know which category has better upkeep and how to shift these roles across different encounters.


If you're having trouble with remembering which icons do what or they don't work with your scaling well, you can change the icons into pure texts. To do so Right Click the window you wish to change and head to Display , then choose  show header with text instead of images. Using this option may require much wider window though, so use it mindfully and adjust the styling as needed.
In the same menu you can also limit the Row length and max player name limit here.

Style  tab will let you toggle background barsalternate row backgroundstoggle scrollbar or even make the window transparent
This is also where you can change the window name that it will appear under in options, as well as change its width (Ctrl + Click for manual input).

Position  tab has all the options similar to other Arc windows, allowing for manual, screen relevant or window-relevant positioning. 

Big thanks to deltaconnected and Kappa322 for patience with answering my questions; to Knox and Sejsel for additional data and feedback!

Thanks to Pancake, Kara and others for additional data!

Thanks to Volmie (Phiravat) for help with screenshots ♥ 
and to [DED] and [red] for letting me use them as test subjects! 

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