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by Yevvie.2590
Last Updated: 18th July 2022


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Hello! I'm Yevvie and I'm a dedicated Firebrand main for a couple of well-known fight guilds and a driver for Fabled Mythos [Fabl]. I've been working on a variety of tools and guides, introducing people to the NA fight scene and its culture. Together with my husband and friends we're leading a guild with learning as its goal, so if you enjoyed this guide and ever swing by BP, pop in to say hi!

food reminder is an extension created by zerthox and it uses Arc to detect food, utility and reinforced buffs on your character and people in your squad, and lets you know which ones they use, as well as when they run out and need replenishing. It is a fairly new addon comparing to others, and it has a lot of functionality to come (for example a sound notification when your buffs run out) but in its current state it's already pretty good.

where to get it?

You can download Food Reminder from Zerthox / arcdps-food-reminder repository on Github.


Drop arcdps_food_reminder.dll into the %/bin64/ directory.

squad / party preview

Squad window shows a table of all players within the squad, allowing for quick glance at their profession and what food and utility they're running, as well whether they have reinforced buff on.

The table will display the short code for each type of recognized buff, and "some" for the foods and utilities that aren't in the library (you can add your own to it, guide below!). "None" will show only when they haven't had food on. "Malnourished" and Diminished will also show their own codes in red so you know the food ran out. 

I found it especially useful for guilds running with lower skill level players who tend not to keep track of these things. It will also allow you to open it up when dropping food and remind anyone who missed their plate to grab it, so you don't have to drop it again five minutes later. May be extra useful for pugmanders and general open tagging in WvW!

character preview

Character tab will display all your characters (from all your accounts!) that you have logged into, and will let you know their last popped food, utility and whether they had reinforced on. On the image besides I tossed some random foods and utilities on to show how the window looks.

Builds preview

Builds tab is a customizable table in which you can add a variety of notes on which foods you should use on which build and in which situation. This is especially handy if you tend to forget their names, as you can easily hover over any of the table cells to get a full name and explanation why you use these.

To add a new set, head to the Builds tab and clickRight Clicked . This will create a new row, where you can choose your class, add the name of the build and any notes, then choose the matching food and utility from the dropdown list. If the items you'd want to use are missing from the dropdown, check the item library section to learn how to add it.


Hover over any item in this extension to see the name and description about given item.

Right Click any item in the table to open a quick menu, which will let you to copy nameOpen wiki page for that item or copy id.


Right Click the window to open the menu. Here you can change your hotkey by inputting the key code value, just like with the other Arc keybinds. 

You have also two buttons used to clear the gathered data if you find it bugged or inaccurate for reasons different than lack of definitions in library.

Display  has options to  show subgroup and  show build notes. Here you can also choose the way this addon will color the player names in the table.

Style  is very straightforward, allowing you to change size, naming and basic visuals of this window.

Position  works the same way as all the other windows, but mind that window-relevant positioning is not available at this moment.

Item Library

To identify the foods, Food Reminder pulls the data from its small database. If the addon doesn't detect any buff matching the ID, it will print back the word "some" on the table. If you want this specific food to be added, you'll have to manually input it into player's library.

Right Click the unknown item in the extension window and Copy ID. If you're using this food, you should know the name of it, if not you may have to ask the person what they're running with at this moment. 

Open Guild Wars 2/addons/arcdps/arcdps_food_reminder_definitions.json

Paste the following code into your file:

{ "food": [
   "id": ,
   "name": "",
   "stats": [""],
   "display": ""
 "utility": [
   "id": ,
   "name": "",
   "stats": [""],
   "display": ""

example entry
   "id": 57310, 
   "name": "Mint Creme Brulee",
   "stats": ["10% Outgoing Healing", "+100 Concentration", "+70 Healing Power"],
   "display": "HCON"

ID is the number you have copied of off unknown food or utility.
Stats will show a tooltip when you hover over the shortcode, each quotation separated by a comma will add another line to the description.
display is your shortcode that will show as green when person has that given food on them.

To add more items, copy the part in the inner squiggly brackets { } and remember to put  a comma behind the closing bracket between the element above and the one you're adding.
After that it is enough to save file and go back in game. If the data doesn't work, you can reload the definition by clicking a button in options.

If you're not interested in hunting for missing items, you can also use the data from my own file that I will periodically update with WvW relevant foods and utilities.

Big thanks to deltaconnected and Kappa322 for patience with answering my questions; to Knox and Sejsel for additional data and feedback!

Thanks to Pancake, Kara and others for additional data!

Thanks to Volmie (Phiravat) for help with screenshots ♥ 
and to [DED] and [red] for letting me use them as test subjects! 

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