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Last Updated: 18th July 2022


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Extension: Healing Stats

healing stats is an extension by kappa322 designed with supports in mind, displaying all the detailed information about their performance on the battlefield. It has a lot of options and an option to livestream the data with your squad if they use the addon as well.

How is it different than arc?

Due to the way GW2 is coded, there's no communication between the player and the server about the healing data of other players. Healing is done client-side and the information stays only between you and the server.
While Arc can display information about your own healing, healing stats draws advanced statistics and dedicated support data windows, and the data it collects through Arc's api, is then hosted on its own servers for your squadmates to download. 
This is absolutely optional and has to be enabled by a checkbox in settings, as it will be transferring additional data and may cause some performance issues on slow internet. If you want to have this extension just for display of your local data, you can do it just fine and it's still highly valuable learning tool to judge your performance as a healer.

where to get it?

You can download Healing Stats from Krappa322 / arcdps_healing_stats repository on Github.


Drop arcdps_healing_stats.dll into the %/bin64/ directory.

When you launch the game, you can open Arc options Alt + Shift + T and navigate to extensions tab, then pick Healing_stats. You can pick a variety of meters from there.

window options

Here you can configure which healing information you want to see. Note that most windows have two version - one is healing per hit (hph), the other healing per second (hps).

(0) Totals will show total heal number, and in parenthesis also healing done per second with that particular skill and what percentage of your total healing that skill is.

(1) Targets will display all the players in the squad that have received your healing, be it from skill, buff or trait, and show the hps and total percentage of your heals that player took.

(2) Skills (hps) will show total heal number, and in parenthesis also healing done per second with that particular skill and what percentage of your total healing that skill is.

(3) Targets (hits) will display all the players in the squad that have received your healing, with hph instead of hps.

(4) Skills (hits) will list the skills in order of highest healing, and in parenthesis will tell you how much they have healed per hit and how many times it successfully healed targets.

 Hover over data for details on each item: 

Skills158.5K(397.3/HIT,399 HITS)

Holy Strike131 hits)(279.0/hit,36.5K
eMPOWER49 hits)(739.4/hit,36.2K
Aegis30 hits)(706.3/hit,21.2k

Skills158.5K(877.9/s,180.6s in combat)

Holy Strike23.1%)(202.4/s,36.5K

(5) Peers Outgoing shows you the information downloaded from your squadmates that run the addon. It will show you their outgoing healing and allow for cross-check of your performance, but to see any data displayed you do need to have live mode turned on (more info below).

(6) (7) (8) are your customizable windows (all of them are customizable, those are just empty). They can display data in a different format if you wish, although I do believe they're held there for future functionality, as the roadmap suggests "heals per cast" to be available in future releases.

(9) Combined fits all the data from above into small, scrollable window to limit the clutter.


The first thing you will want to edit in most windows will be the size as by default they don't resize themselves. To do that, Right Click chosen window and go to Style  tab. 

Turn on  auto resize windows and the extended empty background will disappear. You can also specify the width of the window here.

To rearrange windows you can drag them, as by default they're on manual positioning mode. If you want them stickied to other windows, similarly as for base Arc you have to Right Click chosen window and go toPosition  tab. You can click  window relative setting and choose the window you want to stick it to from the dropdown list.

To change visuals, you can Right Click chosen window and go to Display  tab. Here you can assign a name to this window it will display in main options as. You can also change stats and  title bar format, as well as cap name length and row limit.


You can assign a shortcut to any of the windows in Healing Stats. Right Click chosen window and enter a key value on the bottom of the menu. New shortcut will be Alt + Shift + Key.

Combat end

You may find that stats reset very quickly mid fight and make it hard for you to notice how everyone did throughout the entire combat time. Right Click chosen window and choose Combat exit if you want to reset stats only on out of combat event.

Live mode

Live mode sends your data to the Kappa322's server (or the server you set up, check Github for src) and downloads the data of your squadmates to display for you. This is the way you share your statistics with others. 

To toggle Live mode you open settings with Alt + Shift + T and navigate to the extensions tab then to Healing_Stats and choose  enable live stats sharing (a shortcut should be available in future releases). This will automatically connect you to the default server and search for data to download and send.

In certain cases live sharing can impact the network quality, so do keep it in mind when having network issues. With good enough internet you shouldn't even notice a difference, but for highly limited plans it may be a major stutter contributor. Personally, I toggle it on only when we're having issues and I need to figure out what's up with the heals. Although developer agreed on adding a low bandwidth mode in the future releases, so if you're having issues with the addon right now, look forward to it!

The general idea is that the addon shouldn't send more than 20 events per second per player.

This means that your upload will be at max equal 64b * 20 = 1280 b/s =~ 1.3kb/s

While your download in a squad of 25, with two supports per party using the meter would be at max  64b * 20 * 10 = 12800 b/s =~ 13 kb/s

While your download in a squad of 50:  64b * 20 * 20 = 25600 b.s =~ 26 kb/s

Overall usage should be quite often lower due to less events happening on average, although there may be additional data usage from the framework used. While this is very small amount by itself, you need to remember that both GW2 and Discord (also Spotify, Youtube and anything else you running in the background) will use your network as well. If you have multiple people using low-speed Internet at the same time, it may start struggling and causing you performance drops.

Big thanks to deltaconnected and Kappa322 for patience with answering my questions; to Knox and Sejsel for additional data and feedback!

Thanks to Pancake, Kara and others for additional data!

Thanks to Volmie (Phiravat) for help with screenshots ♥ 
and to [DED] and [red] for letting me use them as test subjects! 

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