Fabled Mythos

Learning focused wvw guild


Fabled Mythos [Fabl] is a semi-hardcore fight guild, focused on being the gateway to the WvW fight scene for new players. With a tight group of mature people experienced in a variety of playstyles, we're open to answering your questions and guiding you through the WvW journey with support of guild raids, guides, video footage and more...

Our main goal is to create an environment that makes learning more enjoyable, while trying to avoid the common pitfalls that lead to burnout and elitism. We're building a community for people of all skill levels, allowing the experienced players to teach the newer members, making the confusing parts of WvW much more accessible.

We're aiming to fill the niche between hardcore "sweaty" guilds and the casual fighting groups. That means there's still a lot of dedicated practice, but its happening at your own pace and without the risk of being removed from the guild due to your skills alone. 


Here's all the technical details that you may be interested with prior to deciding whether you want to join us!


We're located on North American server: Borlis Pass. If you're looking to join but don't want to commit to transfer before testing the waters with us, look forward to relinks or make an alt to join us for a bit. This way you can see how we're doing in comms and if that is the atmosphere you're looking for.


We are a duo with a bunch of experience with leading guilds of differing sizes, as we've been playing MMOs together for almost a decade, and always had a drive to have our own spot within them. We love to dedicate ourselves to building a community as we both work from home on our own project and have time for that. We generally just want to have friends online we can talk to and hangout with.


This is our general outlook on the guild and its core values. You can generally just skim over it unless you're really interested in what's in our heads as leadership goes! A lot of these things are work in progress, so treat it both as goal setting and a roadmap.


We're aiming for the balance between casual and hardcore fighting guild.
This means our goal is to be able to fight other groups of the same size in a competitive way and be able to take our chances with outnumbered fights, but both done in a way where we're not gonna ragequit when we lose, and we won't blame our members for their mistakes - instead of that, we aim to give them advice on things we could improve, so we can grow with each encounter.


Our main goal is small to medium scale fights, but we want our members to be exposed to a variety of playstyles so we're looking to change up what we're doing once in a while. We want people to get comfortable with doing a variety of activities to get better used to their class and its capabilities, as well as as learn to have fun when the main activity isn't in its best state (bad patches etc). 


We hope that the way we teach and do raids helps others get motivation to do better at their class for the collective good. If you cannot motivate yourself for your own sake, do it for the people you're running with to make our time together much more productive and help us grow as a guild.
That also means that when you're running low on motivation, we expect you to talk to us about it so we can see what is the best course of action for your own enjoyment. 


Building a mature environment is our priority. We want everyone to feel comfortable in the guild and feel at ease when asking questions and seeking advice. 
At the same time, we swear, we shittalk (when it's called for), we talk rumors and game politics. We can get salty at times and we're generally normal players, not trying to be the perfect example for everyone - the only things we limit your freedom in is the ones that negatively affect our goals as a guild or hurt other members of the community. Except for that, you do you. 


We find that a lot of drama and problems come from lack of communication. That's why we opt into full transparency and honesty with our actions - we'll tell you what is happening when you get promoted or demoted, we'll talk over our plans and decisions with everyone. We will be absolutely clear when you behave in a way that harms the guild image and it may look like a strong moderation at times, but our goal is to avoid the silent periods where everyone just builds animosity towards each other and then explodes.
Similarly, we expect you to come to us when things between members get out of hand and you're unable to deal with it like adults. We will provide advice and choose the best course of action, so you can play together without hurting the enjoyment of everyone else.


We understand most people come over to the game in their free time to have fun, and this is also a goal we keep in mind. We hop over to play different games once per week, so we can bond as the guild and have a little fun without having any expectations put on us.


Here are our rules, although I tend to call them Community Guidelines, as this is just a basic idea what mentality we prefer to see in our members, but we're up for discussion if things go different way and need adjustment on a personal basis. 

1. Guild Activity

While we don't require any specific numbers, we would love for you to become a part of the community. That means hop on discord, chat with people, take and give advice, and in general be a friend, even if your schedule doesn't work with every raid.
We find opinion of every member important and we'd want you to pay attention to announcement channels and react when we ask for it - all so we can be on the same page when changes come and no one gets upset.

2. dedicated Learning

As a primarily learning guild, we're highly motivated by our players becoming better with time. We don't intend to punish or gkick people who are slow with improvement, but we will have to reconsider your role in the guild if you won't be able to get to at least average level of gameplay for prolonged period of time. With our dedication, additional resources and mentorship program it shouldn't be too much of a hassle to learn a little bit at a time though.

3. Acceptance of all levels of skill

We're of the mindset that playing at a high skill level does not make you better as a person, and does not equate to special treatment on a personal level. We will be treating you equally when you're bad at your class as if you were on the top of DPS meter, but we may offer extra tips and critique where it's needed. This is also what we expect of our members - no verbal discrimination based on the skill level. Be nice to people when they're learning, and encourage them to do more over blaming them for everything! 

While keeping in mind the above, we also believe that people of higher skill level deserve more access to the guild's resources such as extra channels, extra permissions, flexibility with builds etc, but that is meant as a reward for their hard work, and as a utility to help them be better teachers and community moderators - as opposed to giving them VIP badge and letting them do whatever they want. In the end, they pick up on extra responsibilities as a part of the mentorship plan, and we want to aid them with that, as they lose value from our guides and resources meant for lower skill levels.

4. Acceptance of all playstyles

There is an endless debate on each and every server that pops up in the team chat now and then, regardless of weather or time of the year. And when it starts, things get sour quickly. The thing I'm talking about is PPT vs Fights - and an endless competition of what is better and more productive.

As guild leaders and people who enjoy variety of styles ourselves, we're not keen on seeing that drama pop up. We all are people with different preferences and goals in our lives and game experiences, and people who PPT this week may become part of the fighting community next, or the other way around, and there's no shame in doing either of things.
If you gotta talk about it with others, please be respectful and remember the human behind the screen. PPT, Fights, Roaming, PvE etc, all of these things are part of the game and they don't harm anyone else, so let's be nice to each other and spread our love for the game.

5. No toxicity and elitism

This is a big one. We all came together as a guild when trying to find a safe place where skill elitism isn't tolerated. While we understand some people play simply better and have important things to share, we expect them to do it in respectful manner without toxic comments thrown in the faces of those who do not share their ways. This is why our mentors have an extra voice, but aren't allowed to go all "high and mighty" about it. Friendly banter and discussions are encouraged, but don't go out of line trying to prove how much better than everyone else you are and how that makes you special and unique.

We do understand that sometimes you get a little too competitive, though. Shit happens, and we get it. Learn to tune it down and apologize when you behaved in a toxic way, and try to do better next time.


We're looking for learning-oriented people interested in running WvW with us and learning the ropes alongside someone who's just learning how to drive. This means we will make a lot of mistakes and be able to give each other a lot of feedback to build up the experience and skill level of the entire guild.


Conscript is our basic raiding role, so this is where you will end up when joining us for WvW. 

Conscript's responsibilities are 
Raid attendance - we expect you to make it to raids at least once in a while. The more, the better, but one raid a week is a minimum for optimal improvement, so keep it in mind while scheduling.
Improvement - we want you to improve over time, at your own pace, but we do want to see you put effort into it. Whether it's reading guides and applying the knowledge there, joining training raids, asking our mentors questions or dropping off your own footage for review - we want to see you do something that leads to getting better.
Interaction - we want to see you interact with community. It's alright if you're shy or tired, but at least try to be friendly and talk to others once in a while. We're trying to build a home for our members, where they can share how their day went and can come to when they need a place to vent.


Mentors are people who have proven themselves to have the appropriate skill level and a will to teach others. To become a mentor, you'll need to pass the qualification test which is pretty much listing your experience and showing the footage that backs it up. We will then talk over with other mentors and people experienced in these playstyles to find out whether your experience can help others grow.
Mentors are responsible for
Guidance - you will be asked to answer the questions relevant to your class experience in the dedicated channel, you should be also ready to give feedback or critique when it's wanted or necessary for improvement.
Moderation - you're the second after officers and we believe you can contribute to keeping the peace. Talk to others when you see them doing things that could impact us negatively and try to offer advice on their behavior when it's clearly out of line with out goals.
Recruitment - when you see new or inexperienced players seeking help and you think they're a good fit for our guild, we'd love for you to reach out to them and offer them a place within the guild. This is crucial as we plan most of our recruitment to be done 1v1 in game and outside of it, over just spamming the messages in-game hoping for random pugs to join on the spot.


This is our special role for friends that aren't able to raid with us but have made impact on our community in a social way. Here will land people we feel we can trust and contribute to decisions despite not being a static part of our WvW group. They may hop to other games with us, hang around our social meetings and generally are someone we hold dear. 


To get in contact with us, you can hop over on the Discord and talk to us directly or send us an in-game message to Xinluang or Phiravat. We're most often online around prime NA to prime SEA time, so expect an answer sometime during these hours.

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