yevvie / yevvieART

yevvieART (also stylized as "yevvieart") is a brand of digital art services and e-commerce provided by @yevvie, encompassing all creative endeavors that don't have their own home, as well as commission and fanart works.

Varyel Universe

Varyel Universe is a story-rich grim fantasy world packed full of lore, characters, stories and whimsical details. It's a long-term personal project that started in early 2006, and serves as a source of creative inspiration for art, worldbuilding, cartography, creative writing, storytelling, gamedev and more.

MC Vanillin

Minecraft Vanillin is a project based on creating a full-blown handpainted resource pack in the timespan of three months. It's currently on hiatus, but it's available for use through Modrinth and other channels, as well as ready to purchase in high quality versions. 


yevmods is an effect of long-term game modding journey that started years ago with mods for Skyrim (including the fan-favorite YevMODS Makeup Pack) and texture edits for TERA Online and other games.
Currently serving as a hub for my most popular mods, but will also show any new ones should I create them.